Gala dinner

Unique atmospheres and the typical scenario of Milanese early 20th century, welcome guests upon their arrival. A combination of historic authenticity and contemporary urban look gives unique elegance and suggestive charm to every dinner, gala, award ceremony.

Strong points

  • Rooms with different capacities for any dinner requirements
  • Three rooms and an outdoor courtyard for the simultaneous organisation of the various stages of an event
  • Combinable and independent rooms, to be used also individually
  • "Bimotore" catering service room with an area of 119 sq.m with an independent entrance, loading/unloading area provided with staff services, accessories and freight lifts
  • The outstanding architectural features further enhance the environments and reduce the need for additional equipment

Accommodation capacity for formal sit-down dinners

Eliche room: 330 max. persons

Biplano room: 400 max. persons

Monoplano room: 200 max. persons