Eliche room

Located on the ground floor, the Eliche room presents two impressive colonnades, enhancing the beauty and the uniqueness of this space. The original historical ceiling, made of wooden partitions and beams, makes the area really warm intentionally in contrast with the concrete floor, ensuring perfect acoustic performances as well, especially for corporate events, meetings, conferences. In this room we find several restored industrial elements, recalling the former activities previously carried out in this historic building.

Eliche room


500 square meters

Length: 31,75 m

Width: 15,80 m

Height: from floor to the underside of the beam 4,00 m – of the ceiling 4,25 m

The dimensions of the room can be reduced according to customers needs.



Fluorescent lighting fixtures with direct and indirect light emission, intensity and ignition adjustment divided into different areas.

Electrical system

N.2 32A sockets (3-pole + neutral + grounded), 15kW each

N.31 10/16A bivalent sockets at a maximum mutual distance of 4x4 m

Standard electric supply

The standard electric power for the whole space is 180kW.

Special electrical supply

Customer may, at its own expense and upon request, ask the dedicated electricity supplier for a custom-made supply. Each room is provided with 130kW switch fuse (3-pole + neutral +grounded).

Telephones and internet

Set-up for RJ45 Cat. 5 UTP data socket

N.2 telephone sockets with separate numbers

1,000 MB hyperoptic fibre Internet wired connection for download and ppload supplied by wireless system

Air conditioning

Air conditioning and heating system


N.1 water supply

N.10 wastewater discharges


  • Crystal and steel lift from the first floor, capacity 900 kg, 12 persons
  • Internal stone staircase from the first floor, width: 1.88 m and height 2.84 m
  • Gate from the north-western courtyard (passage): width 3.65 m - height 3.85 m
  • Gates on the south-eastern (passage): width 3.65 m - height 3.35 m


N. 1 toilet facility

Bimotore service room


Area: 119 sq.m



  • Fluorescent lighting fixtures with direct light emission

Electric system

  • No. 2 32A sockets (3-pole+neutral+grounded) 15kW each


  • Freight lifts/elevator from the hall on the ground floor, capacity 1,000 kg
  • Hall gate: width 3.35 m, height 3.85 m
  • Staircase from hall on the ground floor to te passageway on the first floor: width 1.20 m
  • No. 1 entrance: width 0.95 m – height 2.38 m
  • No. 1 entrance: width m 1.23 m – height m 2.38 m


  • No. 1 toilet facility (men/women)


  • No. 1 water supply with a sink

Common areas

  • Fully equipped changing room